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Corporate Consulting

For managers who desire to lead in DEI

In an ever-changing social environment, a culture of courage around inclusion has become ever more important. As an adviser, we provide a confidential space for hiring managers and the c-suite to work through their concerns and questions about diverse social groups. From one-on-one personal coaching to developing proactive cultural strategies to deepen a sense of belonging, to determining what structural changes may be most beneficial to move the company forward through challenging cultural disagreements. Whatever it takes to move your company’s culture into a more competitive stance because diverse companies experience a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Corporate Consulting Services
Speaking Engagement Services

Speaking Engagements

Leading DEI conversations for corporations and organizations 

Societal unrest can often fall over into the workplace environment. In America and across the world, the #metoo movement, black lives matter, climate change, the housing crisis, the LGBTQ rights movement, and so many other conversations actively enter the workplace and need to be held with care, competency, and courage. We’ve had over a decade of experience hosting community conversations for people of all backgrounds, in many settings! We will bring this experience into your company to help everyone develop greater connections and understanding between each other.


By request after consultation, we are available for speaking engagements in corporate and other organizational settings.

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Full-Cycle Recruitment Experience

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DEI Recruitment Experience

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*120+ hours/month

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