TRANSFORMING TALENT is your reliable source for acquiring and empowering diverse talent.

It's one thing to hire people into your company.

It’s another to make them feel at home.

We help brands like yours take on new, innovative, and fresh strategies when tackling diversity efforts for your employees.

We advise you to get innovative DEI policies on paper and enact them through in-person facilitation.

Looking to build a diverse talent pipeline?

The importance of diversity is not diminishing any time soon.

If your company does not look like the world around you, chances are the world won’t be looking at you.

It takes unexpected ways of thinking, different upbringings, and various values to create a business that will be sustainable for years to come.

We know better than anyone that traditionally, this isn’t the most straightforward act. Even the best intentions need integral strategies that are actionable.

We believe that amazing things follow when companies take steps to be bold and stand up for their employees.

DEI starts with your recruiting strategy and continues with your retention strategy.

There’s no room to be timid in this day and age. Now more than ever, it is necessary to become a leader for others in your industry.

We wholeheartedly believe that it’s time to cultivate a courageous culture around DEI at your company.

Let us help facilitate necessary DEI conversations for your organization! We create an inclusive culture within companies and support diverse talent. 

From y-combinator companies to small tech startups, our clients are at the forefront of technical and cultural innovation. We partner with top-rated companies to cultivate a culture in which all employees feel welcome.

Where Humanity Meets Human Resources

What sets us apart?

We are innovative

We are different from other DEI agencies because the strategies use come from artistic and community activist spaces. Our founder has a hand in impacting change outside the office through social change, not just in the talent arena.

We Are Strategic

Diversity isn't just talking for us; we are doers in this arena! Let's create a game plan together so we can impact change. We make DEI actionable with people-first methodologies.

We Are Trustworthy

We will stand by your side, and hear you out. With our years of experience, you can count on us. We're here through it al.

Societal unrest can often fall over into the workplace environment. In America and across the world, the #metoo movement, black lives matter, climate change, the housing crisis, the LGBTQ rights movement, and so many other conversations actively enter the workplace and need to be held with care, competency, and courage

Kaiden Roberts, Founder